When I make promises to a customer, I know we will keep them.

— Theo Ghoos
Foresco Industrial Packaging

Goodbye to a giant with feet of clay

Foresco Packaging - A market leader that was loss-making in a profitable sector. When Cedric and Jan approached the company in 2009, there was a clear need for change. Eight years after the arrival of Dynamica, turnover has grown by half to 27 million euros. Profit turned positive after just one year.

An anecdote says it all. Theo Ghoos, current sales director at Foresco Packaging, was going to resign on Monday. Fortunately, the company was taken over by Dynamica on Thursday." A sales team can only be successful if production and support are also successful." The fact that it wasn’t was the root of the problem.

Until Cedric and Jan took over the business with a growth and investment plan. Within a few months the company was back on track.

Theo Ghoos

"Jan and Cedric's interventions were clear: more professionalisation. A new ERP system was quickly introduced to better coordinate the entire sales and production process. Over time, three competitors/colleagues were also taken over, giving us access to new markets. The acquisitions have now been fully integrated into the company."

Almost every day Theo is in contact with Jan. "That's a big contrast to the past, when I was almost alone. Today we communicate quickly and take decisions that are actually carried out. The whole organisation is geared to this. Rapid action is essential in our sector. Cedric and Jan make that possible. It makes my job much easier: when I make promises to a customer, I know we will keep them."