Family business becomes part of prominent IT player in Benelux and France


Investment since 2020


IT services


150 million euros

Revenue in 2020
25 M
  • Strong dependence on founder
  • Historic emphasis on hardware and support
Revenue in 2023
150 M
  • Solution to succession problems
  • Accelerated transition to cloud services
  • Stronger organisation
  • Integration of System Solutions in Trustteam to create an absolute powerhouse for Belgium, Luxembourg and Northern France

Despite its position as a leading provider of IT services in Luxembourg, System Solutions faced several significant challenges. Their ability to grow was hampered by a strong dependence on their founder, too great an emphasis on hardware sales, a weak reporting system and a profit margin with room for improvement. Dynamica provided a stronger team, improved financial insight, significant investments in the cloud and a buy & build process that soon produced results. 

Actions taken

Under Dynamica’s influence, System Solutions evolved from a supplier of hardware and support to a cloud service provider. To achieve this, they invested extensively in their two own state-of-the-art data centres. Their service offer was further diversified through the addition of several new products in areas such as security and IT staffing. System Solutions established a new sales team for Belgium and implemented clearer reporting.

Within System Solutions itself, Dynamica set up a buy & build process to work on external growth and strengthen their Belgian and French operations. Instead of taking over targets themselves, this process ultimately led System Solutions to merge with Trustteam, a larger player with a solid presence in Belgium and France. Besides solving System Solutions’ succession problems, this move also creates synergies that will benefit both parties. Going forward, Dynamica will continue to promote the growth of the entire group as a co-investor and board member. The merger opens up many more opportunities for both customers and employees and has made the group a leading prominent player in the Benelux and French markets.


System Solutions’ revenue grew from EUR 25 million in 2020 to EUR 35 million in 2022. The company currently has around 100 employees in the Benelux and France. The recent merger has produced a leading player in the provision of IT infrastructure and services for Belgium, the Netherlands and France, with more than 500 employees.