Cookware distributor shifts focus to own brands and products


Investment since 2018


Cookware and home accessories


25 million euros

Revenue in 2018
10 M
  • Strong dependence on one brand
Revenue in 2023
25 M
  • Acquisition of Anbel and Barbecook
  • New ERP with e-commerce
  • Transition from founder-led company to professional management team
  • Evolution from distribution to own brands
  • Additional warehouse of 5.000 m2

Enabling a cookware distributor to accelerate its growth through the further expansion and internationalisation of own brands; that is the LivWise success story. This growth was supported by scaling up distribution activities within the Benelux and two additional acquisitions following Dynamica’s involvement. 

Actions taken

In order to decrease the company’s dependence on its founder, an entirely new management team was appointed, with a CEO, CFO and CMO. Additionally, the reporting processes were made more professional.

The product portfolio was expanded with more own brands thanks to the acquisitions of Anbel and Barbecook. Today, LivWise has four own brands: Barbecook, Point Virgule, Dotz and Rixx. All acquisitions were integrated successfully and a new ERP with e-commerce was implemented.

To support this growth, another warehouse was constructed and integrated, adding 5.000 m2. LivWise’s focus for the near future will shift more and more to sustainability.


LivWise’s revenue grew from EUR 10 million in 2018 to EUR 25 million in 2022. Own brands are currently responsible for more than half the revenue. LivWise has evolved from a business dependent on one brand and its founder to a dynamic international player with a diverse product portfolio and a strong management team.