Scaling up with add-ons

We pro-actively carry out (multiple) acquisitions and also actively contribute to the integration of these acquired entities.

Organic growth

Our strategy focuses on organic growth through investment in the right drivers and exploration of attractive adjacent segments and countries.

Professional organisation

Expansion calls for a professional organisation on all levels. We ensure that this is a smooth transition.

Implementing systems and processes

We introduce systems and processes to help maximise a company's performance, e.g. through digitalisation.

How do you increase revenue by a factor of thirty?
How do you get the whole organisation on board?
How do you build systems and processes for a digital and sustainable future?

Our strengths

Dynamic DNA

Dynamica isn’t just our name, dynamic entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Even more than investors, we are entrepreneurs. We go for progress, move fast with ambition but backed by solid reasoning and based on knowledge, figures and growth potential. We support entrepreneurs and management teams with growth ambition in making the moves that get them there. That’s because we are experienced in acquisitions and know how to get an entire organisation on board.

Direct approach

Who you see is who you get. Dynamica is Cedric De Quinnemar and Jan Ponnet, two partners who use their own resources and knowledge to help companies grow. Whatever the challenge may be, Dynamica goes all in. We aren’t there as spectators; we stay personally involved, every step of the way. We work directly with the entrepreneur, CEO or management team. Not from an ivory tower, but with boots on the ground, in the workplace or at management level. We only invest own resources and take matters into our own hands.

Long-term partnership

Structural, long-term collaboration is the foundation for every investment. Dynamica is not just passing by. We have access to sufficient additional capital to invest and practice a strategy of sustainable growth. Both organically and at an accelerated rate through add-on acquisitions.

Doing business flexibly

Doing business successfully is all about the ability to respond to opportunities fast and flexibly. As majority investor or as part of a management buy in or buy out: we are open to all types of collaboration. As long as we can move fast and hands on.

Clear strategy

Fast decisions make for rapid growth. New strategies get approved quickly and executed as agreed. Yes, we like a no-nonsense approach. As private investors we have that freedom, without bureaucracy or hierarchy.

Our own energy and capital

Cedric De Quinnemar and Jan Ponnet are the driving forces behind Dynamica. With years of experience as investors, entrepreneurs and consultants, they dedicate their knowledge and energy to helping companies grow, using their own resources. Ever since Cedric and Jan met at INSEAD, these driven entrepreneurs have been a complementary pair.



  • Clearly positioned businesses and projects
  • In B2B sectors
  • With room for growth or improvement
  • With new or existing management
  • EBITDA of EUR 2–5 million


  • Investment of own capital, aimed at sustainable growth
  • Fast decisions without hierarchy
  • Close involvement for realisation of ambitious projects
  • Long-term, personal partnership in direct contact
  • Takeover structure open to discussion, long or flexible exit horizon possible