We have a huge support base to test ideas. This interaction leads to better decisions.

— Pieter De Boeck
Arseaus Medical - Driving superior care

Economies of scale in practice

Arseus Medical - In 2009 Pieter de Boeck and his partner Rudy De Maarsschalck started DMB Medical: an agency for medical implants. Today, thanks to Dynamica, they have an intensive cooperation with Arseus Medical. Including all economies of scale that come with it.

A car and a mobile phone. They were the arms of DMB Medical before Dynamica came on board. Today, the small company has three employees and its own distribution centre in addition to the two partners. Pieter De Boeck: "You only create real added value as an agent when you are a distributor yourself. As a two-man business we did not have the financial strength for our own administration, warehouse and stock. Since the arrival of Jan and Cedric from Dynamica, we have been able to do so. And well."

Operational support makes a big difference. It ensures time savings and a focus on growth and sales.


DMB Medical is one of four add-on acquisitions that Dynamica made with Arseus Medical. As a co-owner, Dynamica provides additional opportunities for DMB Medical. Especially in terms of support. Employees of Arseus handle the back office, bookkeeping, orders, HR and other administration for DMB. "That means huge time savings for us, focusing on sales and growth rather than on paperwork."

In addition to the link with Arseus, Jan and Cedric personally provide added value. During contract negotiations, for example, or with their focus on continuous investments for growth. "Their experience is very important, and when necessary they join us at the negotiating table. In the past we did everything ourselves, today we have a huge support base to test ideas and possibilities, and this interaction is leading to better decisions."