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The cooperation with Dynamica was quickly arranged. After just two meetings, the partnership was a done deal.

— Bart van Zundert
logo Dynamica Real Estate

Capital injection for existing properties

Dynamica Real Estate - That is the name of a new player on the Antwerp property market. Bart van Zundert handles the conversion of existing homes into new apartments. Dynamica is took care of the project financing.

Dynamica Real Estate buys existing buildings and houses, completely renovates them into ready-to-move apartments and brings them back to the market at an attractive price. "We are constantly developing some 100 apartments, aiming at a large market with apartments ranging from 150,000 to 350,000 euros. The goal is clear: to increase the number of developments and to expand to other Belgian cities."

The support of a powerful partner such as Dynamica gives the banks confidence. This means that we can spread our risks even better.

Bart van Zundert

Bart handles the conversion projects. Jan and Cedric from Dynamica enable accelerated growth with a solid capital injection. “Real estate development is capital intensive and the support of a strong partner such as Dynamica gives confidence to the banks, which means that we can spread our risks even better."

The cooperation between Jan, Cedric and Bart did not take long to arrange. Only two meetings were needed and the partnership was a done deal. Feedback and decisions are taken equally quickly. "Of course, Jan and Cedric are keen to be involved by email or telephone: we take important decisions together. It is a question of trust. Our partnership structure also allows for that. "