Dynamica is constantly aiming to develop its companies. Some noteworthy events are listed hereunder.

  • 30.12.2022
    Dongen Pallets in the hands of Foresco

    Dongen Pallets is a family company with a 60-year history. Its activities comprise production of wooden pallets, crates and industrial packaging, inspection and repair of pallets as well as made to measure wooden packaging solutions. The company generates approx. EUR 50M turnover.

    The takeover includes all business units, real estate, production facilities, energy plant and approx. 100 employees.


  • 20.12.2022
    Foresco acquires PKF Pallets

    PKF supplies pallets and packaging in the Benelux since 1955, employing approx. 125 people.

    Its annual production capacity is about 5 million pallets in many different models. Thanks to the central location of its 2 sites in the southwest part of the Netherlands, PKF can optimally supply its clients.

    PKF highly values reliability, innovation and sustainability.

  • 16.11.2022
    Pro-Motion joins Arseus Group

    Dutch company Pro-Motion Medical distributes products for orthopaedics and traumatology. With around 20 employees, the company achieves EUR 6M turnover.

    Thanks to the transaction, Arseus Medical can expand its Belgian activities in orthopaedics to the Netherlands.

    The entire team, including founder Evert-Jan van der Kamp stays on board.

    More info on Pro-Motion on the website.

  • 04.11.2022
    Foresco acquires Palettencentrale

    Palettencentrale, operating from 3 locations in Stabroek, Puurs and Diest, is a leading supplier of trade & repair services for wooden pallets. In 2021 the company realised EUR 14M in sales, with a healthy profit.

    Thanks to this takeover, Foresco strengthens its offer in the growing segment of pallet repair and re-use.

    Further info in the press release (in Dutch).

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  • 02.09.2022
    Rycobel joins forces with Optimus & ELS

    The group now counts 60 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 25M.

    Optimus Instruments is well-known for sales and maintenance of specialised equipment for pharma, petrochemical and biochemical industries.

    ELS is an independent after-sales service company, supplying calibrations, verifications and service under ISO 17025 accreditation.

  • 29.11.2021
    Foresco Group acquires Corpack

    Corpack, founded in 1994, is a cardboard producer based in Beveren that supplies a wide range of transport packaging.

    With a very diverse client portfolio, EUR 18M turnover and 45 employees, Corpack will operate independently within the group. However, the takeover also brings opportunities to offer wooden packaging to Corpack clients.

    The long-term continuity of Corpack is therefore guaranteed. Manu De Vos, one of the 2 co-founders, hands over his responsibilities, and Eric Geerts remains on board as general manager.

    More info on Corpack in press release (in Dutch) or on website.

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  • 09.11.2021
    Heart Medical joins the Arseus Group

    Heart Medical is a Benelux distributor in interventional (paediatric) cardiology, interventional radiology and cardio-thoracal surgery.

    The Heart product range fits seamlessly with that of Arseus subsidiary DMB Medical. Both teams will narrowly work together after the transaction and thus cover the entire Benelux with a complete range of products. Shareholder Transequity remains on board.

    More info about Heart on the website.

  • 29.10.2021
    Rycobel group expands further

    MacBen / Gijko have been servicing the construction sector since many years. They offer (i) sale, support, maintenance and calibration of testing equipment for construction materials and (ii) advisory services for concrete.

    All employees and the locations in Belgium and Netherlands will remain in place and will further expand.

  • 15.10.2021
    Keiser is now part of Arseus Medical Group

    Keiser is a leading supplier of pneumatic sports performance and medical rehab equipment. This unique pneumatic principle ensures that everybody can train at their own level: young and old, athlete and patient. The products are for example used by the majority of professional sports clubs wordlwide. 

    This cooperation perfectly fits the strategies of both Keiser BV / Gmbh and Arseus Medical. Only the very best quality in fitness, performance coaching, rehab or physio can deliver the best results.

    More info on the Keiser products on the website.


  • 30.08.2021
    Foresco Group acquires Lapack

    Lapack operates 3 production sites in The Netherlands, 1 in Germany and 1 in Belgium. It is a leading producer of export packaging and tailor-made pallets. In addition, the company has developed a strong position in sort-and-repair of used (pool) pallets. In 2020, Lapack realised a turnover of EUR 25M.

    The acquisition is part of the proactive consolidation strategy of Foresco and brings the consolidated revenue of the Group to EUR 200M. The addition of Lapack will reinforce Foresco's position as market leader in production of wooden pallets, export packaging and pallet recycling in the Benelux.

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  • 14.06.2021
    Dynamica invests in System Solutions

    System Solutions is an allround ICT provider with offices in Luxembourg, France and Belgium. The group was founded 25 years ago and achieves a turnover of more than EUR 34M with 75 employees. System Solutions supplies IT services to a wide range of sectors and companies - among others the financial sector, hence its certification as 'PSF Niveau 1' by CSSF in Luxembourg.

    Dynamica intends to continue the growth path of the company, both organically and through buy & build. Robert Roux remains on board as co-shareholder and CEO.

    Link to website and press release below (in French).

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  • 09.06.2021
    Rycobel expands in Belgium and Germany

    With the takeover of Metil, Rycobel expands its product range with specialised measurement and weighing instruments for quality control.

    At about the same time, Rycobel purchased its German distributor which will allow to directly access the German market.

    In all of Benelux, France and Germany, Rycobel now has own sales and service teams. 

  • 22.03.2021
    Foresco Group acquires Paletco

    Foresco Group further expands with the takeover of sector player Paletco. This takeover perfectly fits Foresco Group's active consolidation strategy. Thanks to this acquisition, the group grows its turnover to EUR 150M and solidifies its position as leading supplier of pallets and tailor-made packaging in wood and cardboard in the Benelux.

    Just like Foresco, Paletco strongly values reliability, flexibility and professionalism. The group commits to its corporate social responsibility. This implies for example that all processed wood is sourced from verifiably sustainably managed forests. In its specially equipped recycling plants, used pallets are repaired and brought back to the market. Residual wood is used as biomass.

    The complete press release (in Dutch) can be found here.

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  • 04.01.2021
    BlooMEDical joins the Arseus Medical Group

    Since many years, BlooMEDical has been a solid partner for high end products and equipment in the medical and esthetical space. Their range includes leading exclusive brands like Mentor J&J (breast implants) and Alma Lasers. 

    This cooperation fits both companies' strategies. As leading Benelux player in the distribution of medical and paramedical products, Arseus Medical intends to be thé innovative partner in healthcare and offer its customers the best brands in their domains. 

    BlooMEDical is headquartered in the Netherlands but runs a true Benelux organisation.

    Visit the website through this link.

  • 12.11.2020
    Dynamica invests in Rycobel

    Rycobel supplies equipment for measuring product characteristics in quality labs and for improving production processes, as well as all supporting services in accordance with ISO 17025.

    In addition to a distribution range, Rycobel has developed its own range under the Rycolab brand.

    The company has been around for more than 50 years, achieves +/- 15M euro turnover and employs 25 people.

    Together with management, the historical growth will be continued, both organically as through buy & build.

    Visit the website here.

  • 09.09.2020
    Foresco Faber
    Foresco expands firmly in the Netherlands

    Foresco and Faber Halbertsma have found an agreement on the takeover of 4 Dutch and Belgian pallet production companies (Faber Pallets, Phoenix Pallets, Packaging Partners and Pasec).

    Faber Halbertsma intends to exclusively focus on its European packaging pooling activities.

    200 employees and all existing operations including real estate will transfer to Foresco. 

    Thanks to the additional EUR 60M turnover, the Foresco group further grows to a leading Benelux supplier of wooden pallets and packaging with EUR 125M turnover.

    The complete press release (in Dutch) can be found here.

  • 24.04.2020
    Arifal - Foresco
    Arifal joins the Foresco Packaging group

    Foresco Packaging expands its activities once more with the acquisition of Arifal. Thanks to the takeover, turnover grows to EUR 65M, strengthening the group's market leadership.

    Arifal, with production sites in Genk and Beringen, is a leading supplier of new and used wooden pallets. The company operates a fully automated production and employs soms 35 people.

    Takeover talks were initiated well before the Covid-19 crisis. It is a deliberate choice to complete the transaction today. During the coming months, Arifal's activities will be integrated in the larger group, whereby all personnel will remain on board.

  • 09.01.2020
    Foresco Royer
    Foresco Packaging acquires Group Royer

    With a turnover of EUR 55M, the combined group becomes the largest supplier of tailor made packaging made of wood and cardboard in Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands. Through this acquisition, the consolidation in the sector is further accelerated.

    Both companies are very complementary. Group Royer mainly focuses on automated production of tailor made pallets; Foresco Packaging on the other hand mainly produces smaller batches, often by hand, of pallets, boxes, crates, wood-cardboard combinations and related packaging services.

    The group produces several millions of pallets, crates and boxes per year and employs about 250 people.

  • 31.10.2019
    Barbecook - LivWise
    Barbecook and LivWise join forces

    LivWise continues its growth with the acquisition of the famous Belgian brand Barbecook.

    Barbecook exists since 35 years and is one of the largest players on the barbecue market. By taking over this great Belgian brand, LivWise hopes to strengthen its position on the Benelux and international market.

    The addition of Barbecook to the in-house brands, means a strong extension of the LivWise range. Many Barbecook employees are also moving from Kortrijk to Deinze. By doing so, LivWise preserves the know-how of the company and will keep on working towards a bright future for all brands within LivWise.

  • 05.01.2019
    eXmedical joins the Arseus Medical group

    With this acquisition, Arseus Medical now also offers solutions for hand and foot surgery, both implants and the necessary instruments.

    eXmedical is constantly looking for the newest innovations, to ensure top quality and performance and a perfect outcome for both surgeon and patient.

    The leading international partners which eXmedical represents, including in2bones & Groupe Lépine, perfectly match the Arseus Medical philosophy. 

    Within the larger group, eXmedical will now be able to focus even more on executing its growth strategy.

  • 03.10.2018
    Dynamica invests in LivWise

    LivWise, founded in 1995, offers a wide range of essential kitchen and home accessories. 

    In addition to its own brands Point-Virgule, Dotz and Rixx, LivWise distributes products from leading manufacturers such as Sistema, Kilner, Chroma, Crushgrind and many others.

    An in-house warehouse operation of 8.000m² enables LivWise to combine quality, reliability and speed in its service offering.

    With the entry of 2 new partners, LivWise prepares itself for a future of further growth and internationalisation, both organically and through takeovers. As such, today the takeover of Anbel was announced, a company active in distribution since over 40 years.

  • 28.06.2018
    Arseus Medical acquires Lameris Group

    Lameris distributes a range of products for critical care (pain therapy, monitoring, DVT-prevention), point-of-care (glucose, lactate, hematology and sampling), as well as diagnostica (serology, parasitology and quick screening tests) to hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.

    The product range complements well with Arseus Medical's, reinforcing the company's high tech product offering to clients. 

    Lameris employs about 20 people who will join the Arseus family.

    Read the full press release below (in Dutch).

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  • 07.07.2017
    Arseus Medical acquires Axamed's distribution and service activities

    As medical distributor, Axamed supplies a complete range of consumables and investment goods to hospitals, psychiatric institutions and nursing homes.

    The range consists of leading products for revalidation, wound care, transfer aids, laundry management, bathing and shower systems etc.

    Axamed therefore fits very nicely with Arseus Medical's current distribution activities. The logistical operations and technical service will be fully integrated in the Bornem site. The takeover brings some 10 new Axamed colleagues to Arseus Medical.


  • 06.07.2017
    GIMV invests in Arseus Medical

    GIMV takes a 15 milion euro stake in Arseus Medical.

    Gimv intends to support Arseus Medical during the coming years in its growth and expansion to adjacent markets. The company boasts the amibition to play a leading role as consolidator in a fragmented Benelux market.

    Since Dynamica took over Arseus Medical in 2014, the company already realised 4 add-on acquisitions.

    Read the full press release below.

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  • 14.06.2017
    Stronger together: Terre Bleue acquires Gigue

    Belgian fashion brands Terre Bleue and Gigue combine their forces for an international breakthrough. Both brands intend to further expand their market position and stress their faith in the future of Belgian fashion.

    The cooperation between Terre Bleue and Gigue will further strengthen both Belgian fashion brands in the national and international fashion landscape.

    Read more here (in Dutch)

  • 31.05.2017
    Arseus Medical combines bandagisterie activities with Medeios

    Medeios supplies 'bandagisterie' solutions relating to mobility and orthopedics. Customers include hospitals and other care institutions, but also home nursing and individual customers are taken care of through cooperation with a number of renowned health funds / health insurers.

    Thanks to in-house logistics and care providers, an optimal service offering is guaranteed. Medeios employs some 10 people. 

    Through this takeover, Arseus Medical reinforces its offering and geographical coverage in Belgium for bandagisterie services.