about us

Dynamica invests in companies with growth ambitions

Investing to create opportunities. As private investors we inject knowledge, time and capital into established companies and real estate. Both in growth sectors and in traditional industries. With private resources, a vast network and a direct approach we take businesses to a higher level.

    Direct approach

    Two partners who grow businesses with their own resources and knowledge. That is Dynamica. And whatever the challenge is: Dynamica is always all-in. "We are personally involved in every step of the story.

    We do not stand on the sidelines: we work directly with you, invest only our own resources and take matters into our own hands."

    Long-term partners

    Long-term well-structured cooperation as the basis of every investment. Dynamica is not a temporary passer-by.

    With significant additional investment capital, we follow a strategy of sustainable growth, both organic and often accelerated through add-on acquisitions.

    Flexible entrepreneurship

    Successful entrepreneurship is a matter of responding quickly and flexibly to opportunities. As a majority shareholder or as part of a management buy in or buy out: any form of cooperation is possible. As long as it is direct and hands-on.

    Clear strategy

    Rapid decisions for rapid growth. New strategies are quickly approved and diligently implemented. Yes, we like a no-nonsense approach.

    As a private investor we have that freedom, without bureaucracy or hierarchy.

    Own energy and capital

    Cedric De Quinnemar and Jan Ponnet are the driving forces behind Dynamica. With years of experience as investors, entrepreneurs and consultants they use their knowledge and energy to grow companies with their own resources. Since Cedric and Jan met at INSEAD, these ambitious entrepreneurs have formed a mutually complementary tandem.

Who is Dynamica

Two driven entrepreneurs with a no-nonsense approach. Dynamica offers its own capital, active sharing of knowledge and a great drive to create added value. Cedric De Quinnemar and Jan Ponnet are the founding partners. Dynamica is their way to let companies develop their full potential with realistic ambition and a focus on efficiency.


Until 2009 Cedric was CFO and CEO at IVC Group, a Belgian manufacturer of floor coverings. He previously worked in London as an M&A specialist at UBS for five years. He is a commercial engineer and a Master in Finance.

He obtained an MBA from INSEAD.

Jan Ponnet

In Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States, Jan worked for Bain & Company for nine years. As a strategy consultant he, specialised in growth strategies and efficiency improvements. Jan is a civil engineer and a Master in Applied Economics.

He obtained an MBA from INSEAD.

Never invest in a business you can't understand.

— Warren Buffett